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ADJOURNMENT – National Security

Terrorism and how we keep Australians safe from terrorists is once again in the headlines this week with recent comments from the ASIO director-general that the terrorist threat remains unacceptably high. That important reminder comes as, in this country, we are facing the imminent release of eight convicted terrorists from prison. Surely when it comes to convicted terrorists, people who want to kill and injure as many Australians as [...]

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Westbury Recreation Ground redevelopment

Liberal Senator for Tasmania Claire Chandler today joined Meander Valley Council Mayor Wayne Johnston today to officially open the redeveloped Westbury Recreation Ground, delivering the $2.2 million project  for the Meander Valley Community. Senator Chandler said the redeveloped Recreation Ground was an example of Federal, State, and Local Government working together to support an important project that will benefit Westbury and surrounding communities. “Local sporting clubs including the Meander [...]

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OPINION PIECE – Why roll the dice on dangerous criminals?

Australians love to take a punt. For some it’s once a year on the Melbourne Cup, for others, a more regular wager on the football. But nobody gambles with higher stakes than our justice system. It’s past time that we took chance and wishful thinking out of the equation when it comes to dangerous criminals and the safety of the community. The Herald Sun’s report this week regarding eight [...]

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Canola Value Added Processing Facility Expansion

Expansion of a canola processing facility supported by the Morrison Coalition Government has trebled Tasmania’s capacity to produce canola. Rojok Pty Ltd’s Canola Processing Facility in Cressy has recently undergone an expansion thanks to funding assistance provided through the Morrison Coalition Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment programme. Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Claire Chandler, was on-site to inspect the new facility today. The Morrison Coalition Government committed $108,413 to the [...]

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Increase Hayward’s Capacity in Heavy Steel Production

Tasmanian manufacturing has been given a boost with upgrades completed at Crisp Brothers and Haywards manufacturing facility at Western Junction. The Crisp Brothers and Haywards Pty Ltd facility on the outskirts of Launceston has recently been upgraded to cater for heavy steel production, thanks to $1.3 million in funding provided by the Morrison Coalition Government. Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Claire Chandler, said the project delivered a new heavy manufacturing [...]

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I welcome the opportunity this evening to speak on this matter of public importance. The bushfires which have affected so many Australians and so much of Australia have been a tragedy in so many ways. The loss of life, the loss of people's homes, the loss of wildlife and the damage to the environment are all devastating aspects of this bushfire season. This matter that we're discussing tonight, put [...]

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ADJOURNMENT – Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman steps down

Last month the Tasmanian Liberal Party leader and Premier, Will Hodgman, stepped down from his respective positions after nearly 18 years serving in the Tasmanian parliament. Will Hodgman has been a stalwart in the seat of Franklin in the state's south for close to two decades, having first been elected to the parliament in 2002. In 2006, he was elected leader of the Tasmanian Parliamentary Liberal Party and in [...]

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CONDOLENCES – Australian Bushfires

Tonight I rise to join members of this parliament in paying my respects to all of those Australians who have been impacted by the devastating bushfires that have burned through so much of our country over the past few months. A number of Australians have lost their lives. This is an absolute tragedy first and foremost for their families but also for the local communities that these families come [...]

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