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Opinion Piece: Too quick to knock local Spirit build

The state government’s decision to try to involve Australian and Tasmanian boatbuilders in the Spirit of Tasmania replacement project displays a welcome intent to support local manufacturing. Over the past few months I’ve been conducting a Tasmania Back in Business campaign which has involved meeting and speaking with business and industry, local government and everyday Tasmanians about how we can recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis and capitalise on [...]

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News Article: Call for rethink on transgender safety in women’s sport

By Bernard Lane, the Australian Australia’s top sport agency is under pressure to safeguard women’s sport, with rugby emerging as the first international federation to consider a ban on transgender players to prevent injuries and unfairness. In news this week World Rugby experts cite a 20-30 per cent higher risk of injury for women tackled by biological males who identify as female, and new research showing trans players born [...]

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Opinion piece: Official: “Sport Australia has not defined the term ‘woman’”

Should women and girls have to share change rooms and toilets with people with male genitals? Is it okay for biological males to win women’s sporting events? Should a male sex offender be housed in a women’s prison because they identify as a woman? If you answered no to those questions, I’m sure that you’re in agreement with the vast majority of Australians. On the other hand, there is [...]

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Women’s safety concerns must be addressed by Sporting bodies

Research by World Rugby suggesting that female players are at a greatly increased injury risk if they are forced to compete against biological males should be of concern to all Australian sporting bodies. According to media reports today*, a World Rugby working group has found that: There is likely to be “at least a 20-30% greater risk” of injury when a female player is tackled by someone who has [...]

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Opinion piece: Big names spark turning point against free speech attacks

The recent publication of an open letter signed by 150 writers and academics in defence of free speech offers a glimmer of hope that we can put a stop to the anti-democratic cancel culture which has taken root in many corners of society. The letter, published in Harper’s Magazine, represents a long overdue acknowledgement from those who have built careers within the arts and academia that freedom of speech [...]

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Improved road safety and a smoother Midlands journey with Perth Link Roads project complete

The Perth Link Roads project is now complete, improving safety and efficiency for all road users along this busy section of the Midland Highway, and providing a safer environment through the township of Perth. The project has delivered a divided dual lane highway around the western side of Perth, connecting in to Illawarra Road, and joining the Midland Highway at the South Esk Bridge. This is the final link [...]

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Drought Communities Program projects approved for Break O’Day and Glamorgan Spring Bay

Communities in Break O’Day and Glamorgan Spring Bay will benefit from $2 million in additional Liberal National Government funding to support community infrastructure and other drought-relief projects through the expanded Drought Communities Program. 11 projects across the two municipalities will improve community amenity by investing in a range of local infrastructure upgrades. Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud MP said the program would create jobs in [...]

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