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Safety all the way for the Midland Highway

Works to improve the road safety of Tasmania’s key north-south freight route are moving ahead with the completion of a major project near St Peters Pass and works starting on two new sections. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack, said the Australian and Tasmanian Governments have committed $500 million in funding to the Midland Highway 10-Year Action Plan, which outlines priority projects [...]

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World Rugby protects female players – Rugby Australia must do the same

Liberal Senator for Tasmania Claire Chandler has congratulated World Rugby for adopting guidelines which ensure only females play women’s rugby at the elite and international level. Senator Chandler is calling on Rugby Australia and Sport Australia to immediately adopt World Rugby’s guideline so community sport is also safe and fair for women. “World Rugby is the first major international sporting body to look in detail at the science which [...]

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Women’s sport sacrificed by sporting administrators

Yesterday Australian sporting administrators placed the rights of males to play in women’s sport above the rights of females to their own sporting competitions. Women’s sport exists to allow females to play with and against other females. The science of physical disparity between females and males is clear and unequivocal. Experts consulted by World Rugby have recently demonstrated that a biological male tackling a female causes a minimum of [...]

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OPINION PIECE: Females want a sporting chance

For several months, Rugby Australia has been in possession of a transgender participation guideline developed by World Rugby in consultation with developmental biologists, medical experts and sport scientists. The World Rugby Guideline runs to 38 pages. It has a reference list of 45 scientific reports. It finds that it is neither safe nor fair for transgender players who are biologically male to play in women’s rugby, demonstrating with significant [...]

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Complaint dropped but questions for Commissioner remain

I have learnt this afternoon via the media that the anti-discrimination complaint against me has been dropped by the complainant. I am both relieved at this outcome and furious at the abuse of process which has occurred. If I had not refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, I would be currently sitting in a conciliation conference on the basis of a spurious complaint which the Commissioner had no legal [...]

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