The Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team has announced a major boost to the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES).

Tasmanian Liberal Senator, Claire Chandler said that under the revised scheme, more goods will be eligible for funding, and businesses will get assistance faster with reduced payment times.

“This announcement is a major win for our farmers, growers, producers and businesses, who rely on markets on the mainland as a major export destination,” Senator Chandler said.

“My Tasmanian Liberal colleagues and I have fought hard to get this boost to the scheme and I’m very pleased we have been able to deliver.”

“As an island State, Tasmania is at a geographical disadvantage in comparison to mainland States, and freight costs can negatively impact Tasmanian businesses. However, the revised scheme will provide a more level playing field for eligible Tasmanian businesses to get their products to marketplace.

“With our growing agricultural and fisheries industries, it is imperative that Tasmanian producers aren’t disadvantaged because we are an island.

Senator Chandler also said that reducing the payment processing times of claims from 35 to 30 days meant Tasmanian businesses would receive rebates quicker.

“The Government recognises payment processing times can be an added burden for Tasmanian businesses, and reducing the payment time will lessen the impact on Tasmanian businesses using the TFES.

“This is another example of the Morrison Coalition Government reducing red tape and delivering better outcomes for Tasmanian businesses.”

This is the second major boost to the TFES delivered by the Coalition Government since 2016.