The new Orford Rivulet Bridge on Rheban Road in Orford has been officially completed.

Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Claire Chandler, said the project would reduce isolation in the case of future flood events.

“The replacement of the Orford Rivulet bridge with a new structure has made it easier and safer for locals to cross the rivulet,” Senator Chandler said.

“Works involved the demolition of the old bridge structure and replacing it with a stronger concrete bridge designed to better endure flood events, and cater for both motorists and pedestrians crossing the rivulet.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the Australian Government’s $1,000,000 investment in community infrastructure would provide long term benefits to the east coast of Tasmania.

“With the south east area of the township expected to continue its significant growth into the future, this investment was designed to withstand 100-year flood events and reduce isolation for this new growth area in the case of a disaster,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“By supporting 12 jobs in construction, in addition to using local businesses and supplies, this project will help bring prosperity to Orford for many years to come.”

Glamorgan-Spring Bay Mayor, Robert Young, said the October 2020 flood event had destroyed the bridge and left many in the Orford community stuck until a temporary bridge had been installed.

“The replacement bridge was under construction before heavy rainfall in October washed everything away,” Mayor Young said.

“It has given the Orford community piece of mind knowing the new bridge is more durable to withstand future flood events.”

This project received $1,000,000 in funding from the Australian Government under the Community Development Grants Programme and $24,210 from the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council.